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'Look!', the one listening to the angry words of Killion could not help but smile because of it, for he knew all too well that there was once a time when the one that will be given that name did not care about the humans at all, coming close to destroying them in his blind ignorance. But now...

'Look', Killion still spoke, 'what has your judgment brought upon them,' as if he had already forgotten what he himself had done to them in his time. '...even though they have done nothing to deserve it!'Indeed, he was right, and they have not, but those who did had to be punished no matter what.

'Look, and tell me what in the world's name is wrong with you today?!', were his last
words before he went away with his hands protectively wrapped around a human child.

'Funny', he laughed, and kept watching him as he carelessly ran down the steep mountain side because the town that was attacked, an only sigh of the fact that he had not forgotten his crime.

'For as we both know, Killion, this world has no name.'


In the room of pure white, the seven of them stood, each with his back turned to the center of the room and each of them facing a different way as they quietly chanted the destinies of the world. 'He killed the Guardian of the Underworld.', one of them spoke.

And in the center of the room sat one more on the throne like chair. 'That does not matter', he said. 'She was created, and so will another one be.'

'When?', they asked impatiently.


Their voices never stopped, not even when they asked or spoke. They continued to chant throughout the years without a pause or even one moment of silence. Not even when they got angry.

'He breached her domain once before she died.'

'And he had done so many times before.'

'And continues to do still.'

'He knowingly broke the rules by which we bound him.'

'And he still breaks them, as we speak the destinies that should not be.'

'And in our eyes we see that he won't change his ways.'

'At least not on his own.'

'Can you blame him?', asked the one who was not the part of the Seven anymore, so he alone was able to see that Killion simply done what he thought he had to, for he saw no other way.

'We cannot judge or blame', they said. 'And you know that very well.'

'Indeed I do.', he replied, for he was the one who judged and punished.

'We only speak the destinies as they must be spoken, for ours it the duty of keeping the balance under control.'

'That is also clear. I know what your role is. I know everything. Such is my power.'

'Then don't act as if you are not aware of what is happening down there, in the human world! Use your power! Judge him, punish him, for he has interfered with our work not one but a thousand and one too many times! And with that endangered the world yet again...'

'Enough', was all he said, without even raising his voice, but it still echoed trough the never silent room. 'That is enough. I will hear no more of it and I will not judge him as I cannot. We are equal, him and me, and for me to be able to do such a thing he would have to do something equally big for me. Otherwise, the balance between the one who judges and the one who protects would be broken.'

'You need not worry of such a danger.', was all they said to that. 'He has already done something that will even up the scale.'

'And what would that be?'

'He gave you your name.'


The mountain was quiet at night. This high up in the skies, on rough, empty road, it was unusual to see anything but snow and ice, and sometimes a creature you could not quite identify, flying high among the clouds, higher than you could ever reach even if you climbed the most cruel mountain peaks that tore the deep blue sky.

Killion saw nothing though, for it was winter and it was rare to see life anywhere, let alone in this harsh wilderness of nothingness and cold.

He kept walking trough the snow, his mind empty of all thought, and simply enjoyed the beautiful darkness and calm. The cold was severe, more severe than it was during the day, and there were many other dangers he might come across as he made his way to Lauentarian lands, but none of them could actually take away his life, so he did not bother to care.

The night found him still on his feet only because he had unintentionally slept trough the most of the day and he didn't want to lose so much time and cross no distance at all just because of one stupid mistake. But now, all alone in what seemed to be a completely empty world, he was glad it did. He even thought about completely switching light for dark and walking the rest of his journey only during the night, but something changed his mind. A sudden breeze came out of nowhere, bringing promises of the much greater cold. He frowned, not worried, just concerned, but he still quickened his pace.


For ten days and ten nights, thick snow fell and cold wind blown over already frozen land. Even to Killion's sharp eyes everything was covered in blinding white. He could not see a thing, yet he still continued to walk as he knew the path, or at least where the path was supposed to be. And as he went one, the wind got stronger, colder, screaming in his ears a thousand stories of the years of death that came to pass in these mountains. He listened to them as he walked, listened and failed to get afraid even though, as he took one step after another, he know that, in reality, he was lost. He just refused to accept that.

For ten days and ten nights, Killion wondered in blindness.


'You said you would punish him.',the Seven were not pleased.

'I did', he replied. 'That's how much my name was worth-ten days of being lost in the snow. Any more, and the balance would be broken.'

'That was nothing to him!'
'There was no real danger!'
'No real punishment...'

He listened to their raging voices as they all spoke at once, each with the different complain, every still asking the same thing-destroy Killion. Silence fell upon him as he did so, and soon a blank expression of utter anger followed.

'I already said', he spoke, his voice silent and almost sweat, 'that I heard enough of this!', even though he was furious. Complains fell silent before his rage, for they knew that they could do no more than they have already done.

'This was how much my name was worth, and a lenient punishment it may be, but as long as it has served it's purpose you have no right to complain. Watch...'


Fires of the boarder line of the country burned brightly in the distance. But, before he crossed it and made a difficult journey down the steep mountain side, he took a moment to climb a little higher and watch as the light reflecting on the pure white snow danced in the sky. He said nothing, but remembered everything.

After he had killed Etian, he had done as he pleased for almost ten years, helping whenever he saw fit, breaching every domain of power, tearing the rules apart and making Seven speak dozens of destinies that should not be, for he had not saved just those who were in danger of being hurt-he had also saved those at the verge of death. And humans were supposed to die at the ends of their time. And it was also as Etian said-even before that he had done so much more.

That's why he decided to go and visit the short, red-headed's girl grave as soon as he was back from the foreign lands. Only, that alone won't be enough to mend the imbalance he had created by ignoring the one who have him his name. But, he had a lot of time on his hands before he could go back there...


'What about you?', a sharp voice cut trough the silence which fell after the last giving of a name.

'What about me?', the one now sitting in the throne like chair asked.

'You gave all', he said, looking scornfully around himself before returning his eyes on the one who took his place, 'a name. What about you?'

'Hm..', the one wondered. 'You are right. But, I have forced your names upon you.', he said, as he looked down on those standing before him, for at that time the seat was still raised above all else. ' i can't just choose one for myself.' He looked again, straight in the sharp green eyes that held hidden hate on the human face among those who were not. 'So, why don't you choose a name for me... Killion.'

Up to that moment no emotion showed itself on his face, but as he opened his mouth and spoke, a small, almost ironic, smile appeared on it, for had named him...

Another chapter, because I actually had time to sit down for a few hours and think, re-think, write and re-write this thing. Then I re-read it and re-wrote it once more xD

And in all that re-thinking and what not I still couldn't come up with a better title. :/ 'His name' was supposed to be working title, but as I came up with nothing better when the chapter was finished it had to stay. In the end all of this is almost all about their names anyway (well, mostly about Ion's name, 'cause he wasn't named as a character before xD btw, did anyone get the joke about their names? I hope you did, cause if you didn't I really failed miserably xD)

The chapter turned shorter than the prologue, and a little bit differently written, I think, but i couldn't be helped, because there wasn't much happening, and the prologue actually had ideas for the first two chapters smashed together in it xD

I just hope it's not too different or weird. While writing it I had a feeling than it was weird here and there but I tried to correct it while typing. The Seven gave ma bit of a trouble xD I swear that they were purposely trying to sound like a bunch of whining teenagers the whole time. xD I also hope that I managed to avoid that.

The wording always gives me trouble. I try to make it sound fantasy-like instead of normal-like, but I don't always know how.

Preview image is actually ma first attempt of using my tablet after years of it sitting in the drawer and doing nothing. Someone showed me how to make letters like these years ago, so I decided to try and do something for a preview.

Prologue(Part One)-[link]

First Chapter-[link]


Ok, after some thinking about the next chapter, I came to conclusion that this by no means is a chapter on it's own (sinc nothing actually happens in it). So, I changed it a bit and now this one is a Part Two of the prologue, introducing Ion and the Seven as Part One introducet Killion :D It feels batter this way, and I can start some actual plot from the next chapter. xD Oh, and I changed the title too, so it would match the other one. Loud-silent :D
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